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AMPO International: 4,000 masks for AMPO

On 4th May 2020 AMPO in Ouagadougou received a message through the local German Embassy that the Clinic would receive a donation in the form of 4,000 facemasks.The masks were donated by SODJI Holding GmbH, a company founded in Berlin in 2001.

The donation was handed over on 7th May. Accompanied by the German Ambassador, His Excellency Mr Ingo Herbert, the founder of SODJI Holding GmbH, Mr Franҁois Sodji not only handed over the masks. They also donated rice, maize, oil, onions, spaghetti, soap, milk and diapers.

This handover met with considerable interest in the Burkina media. TV broadcasters and journalists reported on this unusual event.

On behalf of AMPO Ouagadougou we would express our thanks to the German Embassy for arranging this donation and our sincere thanks go to Mr Franҁois Sodji and SODJI Holding GmbH and the Sysaid Group for this generous donation in these difficult times.

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