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The Campaign for Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in Burkina Faso...

is underway. The young people at AMPO are also learning lessons in democracy.

This October saw the election of the representatives in the Orphanage for Girls. Every year they elect the Board which is responsible for the smooth running of the orphanage, taking into account the opinions of the girls living there, under the supervision of the educators

They start by setting up a jury of five girls to define the rules for voting and counting the ballots. Seven candidates were on the list and Hamzéta ZONGO, a 12th grade student, was elected President by her peers – unanimously!

The Board:

The manifesto of the new President is:

  1. Endeavour to create a peaceful environment for the youngest girls

  2. Ensure academic success for all the girls

  3. Ensure safety of girls on the way to and from school

  4. Promote harmony and solidarity among the girls.

Here are the results of the vote:

  1. President: Hamzéta ZONGO

  2. Vice-President: Awa OUATTARA

  3. Advisor 1: Haoulate PILABRE

  4. Advisor 2: Djemilatou WANDAOGO

To assist the Board in its function Adissa NIKIEMA was appointed Information Officer and Nematou NITIEMA was appointed Honorary President. That is how seriously we take democracy here.

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