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Updated: May 12, 2021

As we expected, COVID-19 arrived in Burkina Faso. The first cases were registered on 9th March and the health authorities declared an epidemic. The AMPO Clinic was aware of the high risk of infection and they were faced with the following question: How can we cope with hundreds of patients coming to the clinic every day and at the same time comply with government regulations prohibiting the assembly of more than 50 persons in one place?

AMPO could only see one solution. The activities in the general practice every morning have been canceled, but retained in the afternoon. The staff scheduled to work in the morning has been spread out over the other units, where they ensure that the protective measures are being implemented: systematic hand washing, wearing of masks, and adherence to the social distancing rules of at least one meter between patients in the waiting rooms.

However, these protective measures do not mean that those in need are not properly looked after. Patients are still being treated in the general practice in the afternoon, in the rehab unit, the dental unit, the optical unit, and the ophthalmology unit. Prescriptions and healthcare costs are still being dealt with by the Clinic.

Despite the risk of infection, the AMPO Clinic staff are still taking care of their patients, many of whom are destitute. Their work is only made possible thanks to the support from AMPO Denmark who provided top-quality PPE. AMPO would like to thank you for this valuable support.

We would also like to thank the Merck Family Foundation, The Dear Foundation, and the many donors who secure the financing of activities in the AMPO Clinic in this very difficult time of the Covid-19 disease and its health, economic and social consequences.

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