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AMPO International: This month's diary from AMPO

Orphanage for girls: Hi, my name is Achata Samake and I live in the Orphanage for girls. This month I’d like to talk to you about traditional medicine which Mogho Naaba has claimed can be used to combat Covid-19 since 9th March.

Everything has come to a standstill and we haven’t been to school since 16th March. We have just heard That schools won’t go back until 1st June wird. Markets have shut down, airspace and land borders are closed, along with mosques and churches. A curfew has been imposed from 7 p.m. until 5 a.m. and everyone is living in fear. The authorities are looking for solutions to stop the spread of this terrible disease. Some of the measures include wearing a mask, quarantine in certain towns and “Stay at home!” The problem is so serious that any solution proposal is welcome. That is why our Emperor Mogho Naaba invited the associations of traditional healers to submit their opinion. Good healers are often very successful here and are very much respected. Nine plants were identified that are said to offer protection against infectious diseases. We only hope that they can also help against Covid-19. The following herbal remedies were named:

Beng vãndo, Kafr mandé, Wiliwigavãndo, Kelpõko, Zangpõko, Tiigayawilinga, Zãnga, Tãnga, Bita vãndo.

Fortunately most of these plants can be found at Tondtenga, our AMPO farm. The educators went off to fetch them and now the AMPO kids can wash themselves once a week with the brew made from the boiled leaves.

We’d like to thank Mogho Naaba for thinking of us. We wish him long life and may God save the whole world.“

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