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The AMPO orphanage for boys was the first facility opened by Katrin Rohde in 1996. 

To date, 60 children between the ages of 6 and 18 live at the AMPO orphanage for boys. This makes AMPO one of the few institutions in Burkina Faso reaching out to this age group because most orphanages care only for babies and toddlers.  All of the children are orphaned or semi-orphaned, abandoned or abused children. Many of the children are brought to AMPO by their impoverished relatives, who apply to have them taken in, but sometimes children just turn up at the gate and ask AMPO for help. To ensure each child receives the help he needs, everyone undergoes a thorough assessment by our social workers upon arrival. In many cases, the children are deeply traumatized and have to undergo long-term psychological counseling.

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