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The AMPO Clinic is unique in Ouagadougou, indeed in the whole of Burkina Faso. Established in 1998, anyone seeking help is treated here, irrespective of race or religion. The problem with health care in Burkina Faso is not usually the lack of medical care, but the means to pay for it. In the state and private health centers, any treatment including the necessary material must be paid for immediately before the treatment begins. 


At AMPO things are different: everyone pays a nominal charge of about 15 cents and is given the medication she or he needs. Only special treatment (dental or gynecological) are more expensive, but still far below the prices charged by other health centers


Some of the former AMPO kids are now working as part of the Clinic's team, having completed their training as nurses or medical assistants. As of today, AMPO treats over 50,000 patients a year, 50% of whom are children. The waiting room and inner courtyard are frequently overcrowded and a long queue regularly forms along the street outside the Clinic. Many of the patients come a long way to get here, sometimes starting out on foot from poor, remote areas at night to wait in front of the Clinic gate in the morning. 



 Many children brought to the Clinic are undernourished. They are referred immediately with their mothers to LINDA.

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